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Interview with Carsten Bjerg, Grundfos CEO and Group President
Grundfos CEO: We will make a difference

We want to make a difference in the world. By being a global leader within advanced pump solutions and water technologies we want to contribute to making the world more sustainable. We want to develop technologies that improve the quality of life of the planet’s growing population and we want to take care of our planet. We want to make a difference.

In the long term we can only achieve this if we continue to grow financially and create growth together with our customers. Our ownership by The Poul Due Jensen Foundation ensures that earnings are retained in the group and that they are reinvested in new sustainable solutions, in strengthening our global presence, and in our employees. This strengthens us and places us under an obligation.

We have recently presented our annual report for 2012. In many ways 2012 was another difficult year full of challenges in the ever-shifting, changeable and fragmented markets. Despite the difficulties faced in many of the traditional markets, Grundfos has emerged from the year strengthened and has once again delivered a very satisfactory result. A result that could not have been achieved without close contact to our customers.


Our customers demand the best solutions based on the latest technology. They challenge us and make us better.

Carsten Bjerg CEO & Group President

In a time where the economic situation has clearly left its mark on many of the markets, it is vital that we think differently and create new ways of working together. Our focus has always been on treating our customers as well as possible and developing and producing solutions that meet their needs, but also provide them with benefits in regard to efficiency, energy consumption and their finances.

Our products are part of coherent and efficient solutions that represent our endeavour to not only deliver a product but also our best counselling to the end-user on how to invest in the most energy efficient and energy saving solutions. This work is done together with consulting engineers, installers, contractors and manufacturers, among many others. We collaborate with our partners and are inspired by their ideas and needs to improve our own product- and technology development, so that we can offer even more competence and know-how. We have intensified our efforts in this area during the crisis and this has delivered results. Never before have we experienced such great loyalty among our customers as we do now.

In recent years we have introduced the ALPHA2 and MAGNA3 – a completely new generation of high-technology energy efficient circulator pumps. In addition to extremely low energy efficiency, MAGNA3 offers a wireless interface – Grundfos GO – which makes it possible to communicate with the pump via a smartphone or tablet. User-friendliness, monitoring and control once again have pride of place.  Moreover, we have launched the S-tube that uses groundbreaking technology to set a completely new standard in wastewater pumps.

Our new products have been well received by our customers and I strongly expect that this will cement our position as the world leader within our industry.

Carsten Bjerg
CEO & Group President

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