Service Supervisor

Job family - Job cluster - Job role - Band level

Job family: Commercial
Job cluster: Service
Job role: Lead Service Coordinator
Band level: 09

Purpose of job

Evaluation of the daily activities bearing on service and logistics (Stock keeping, purchase, receipt and dispatch of goods).

Key Activities

Main Tasks :

  • To safeguard the daily running and coordination of the tasks of the service function, inclusive of planning and executing of the repair and preventive maintenance work.
  • To ensure the satisfaction of the customers with the products of the company by means of effective service work.
  • To ensure that products received for In house repair are examined thoroughly so that the cause for complaint can be stated and registered in a clear way.
  • To work out adequate statistics on complaints and In house repair work for each type of product.
  • To ensure that damaged parts get a close check for the reason of failure and come out formal report.
  • To ensure that the repair of products takes place in an effective way and results in a satisfactory performance of the pumps.
  • To ensure rational working habits by optimizing tools, equipment and methods.
  • To ensure that the equipment is kept in a good and justifiable condition in respect of function and safety.
  • To evaluate currently the capability of the function and the  policies drawn up and propose amendments, if any.
  • To see to it that routines for the work of the function are  drawn up and that the employees possess the qualifications that are necessary.
  • To see to it that well-organized working conditions are established and good tone and cooperativeness is created.
  • To ensure the observance of regulations, agreements and local arrangements.
  • To deal with complaints including warranty issues i.e. diagnosing, quotations, problem and solving etc.
  • To ensure that order and assignment from the superior is executed efficiently.

Critical knowledge and experience

Education and Training

  • Male age between 30 – 40 years
  • Bachelor degree in Electrical, Mechanical or other related field
  • Have driving license and able to travel up country


  • 3 - 5 years’ experience in service engineer and at least 2 years’ experience in supervisory level  with at least 5 subordinates.
  • Background or knowledge on pumps or pumps system and electrical system
  • Able to communication in English
  • Computer literacy

Other Features

  • Willing to attend educational course during private time with company’s sponsorship
  • Working day     :  Monday to Friday
  • Working time  :  08.30 – 17.30 hrs
  • Lunch time        :  12.00 – 13.00 hrs

Collaboration partners

- Sales Regions

Preferred education

Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree or equivalent work experience

Grundfos Key Behaviors

B_Grundfos behavior - Accountability

B_Grundfos behavior - Collaboration

B_Grundfos behavior - Customer Centricity


C_Working with People

C_Relating and Networking

C_Planning and Organising

C_Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations

C_Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives


S_English Proficiency

S_Work safety

S_Applying Product and Application knowledge

S_Service tools and systems utilization

S_Business Tools Utilization

S_Building customer loyalty

S_Administration within service

S_Applying sales mindset

S_Digital Literacy