Technical Support

Job family - Job cluster - Job role - Band level

Job family: Commercial
Job cluster: Service
Job role: Service Specialist
Band level: 09

Purpose of job

Apply technical knowledge and after-sales service to the local/area market for Grundfos supplied services and solutions. Responsible for maintaining service programs for products, service centres and partners and troubleshooting methodology for existing products. Demonstrates understanding of customer needs. Work within an unit or functional area.

Key Activities

- Provide after-sales service technical expertise.
- Troubleshoot pumps and pumping systems, and provide practical technical solutions and assistance to customers and business partners.
- Responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of service-related literature.
- Provide service-related product training and technical support to customers and colleagues for new and existing products and their applications.
- Participate in product introduction and quality teams.
- Analyse failure data and report findings to support corrective action activities.
- Responsible for developing service-related procedures and work instructions.

Critical knowledge and experience

  • Male age between 30-45 years
  • Bachelor degree in Electrical, Mechanical or other Engineering related field
  • Experience driving developed processes within the service environment.
  • Ability to lead processes or projects.
  • Ability to lead a business process within the service environment.
  • Solid knowledge of the plans, processes and activities within the functional area in the service environment.
  • Good command in communication and written English
  • Computer literacy


  • At least 3 years experience in service engineer
  • Background or knowledge on pumps or pumps system



Collaboration partners

- Sales Regions

Preferred education

Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience

Grundfos Key Behaviors

B_Grundfos behavior - Accountability

B_Grundfos behavior - Collaboration

B_Grundfos behavior - Customer Centricity


C_Working with People

C_Applying Expertise and Technology

C_Persuading and Influencing


C_Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations

C_Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives


S_English Proficiency

S_Work safety

S_Hands-on service

S_Troubleshooting and diagnostic failure

S_Technical Expertise

S_Service tools and systems utilization

S_Business Tools Utilization

S_Digital Literacy