Water2Life - an employee initiative


Employees stand together to make a difference

Over the years, employees have often launched an appeal when people around the world have been struck by disasters. Now we have put our energy and resources into what we do best: We want to create access to water in a sustainable way - and in doing so, provide our fellow human beings with a stable foundation for a better life.

The employees can make a difference in a number of ways - by giving a donation directly, as volunteer champions who spread the campaign around at their place of work, or by initiating activities in order to raise money for Water2Life water projects.

Who does what?

Grundfos Group provides the framework for the global campaign and is responsible for developing offline and online communication material, systems for managing the donations, initiating global activities, supervising the implementation of sustainable water projects in Kenya, and communication of the impact. Grundfos group also doubles any donation given by the employees.

Locally, in the Grundfos companies, a Key Champion is appointed. A key Champion is an employee who will be responsible for communication and initiating local activities. Each company will inform its employees about the campaign in order to enable them to participate. Water2Life will only live if the Grundfos companies and employees carry it forward. We have already seen a number of exiting initiatives carried out locally, with the support and approval from local management.

Is it mandatory for employees to participate in the Grundfos Brings Water2Life programme?

Participation in the programme is of course voluntary! Grundfos provides the framework and platform that make it easy to make a difference and focus our global efforts on a common cause. How to participate is up to the individual company and employee within Grundfos. We do, however, ask all companies to spread the word and give their employees the opportunity to participate.

Senior shop steward

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