Quality - Group Policy

Grundfos attaches great importance to the quality concept as an integral part of the entire organization and considers quality assurance a decisive parameter for continued growth of the Group.

Quality management shall be based on the zero-defect philosophy and implemented at all stages from product development through purchasing, production and distribution to marketing and service.

All employees have the right and obligation to point out defects, and quality has the highest priority when faults or risk of faults are detec-ted.

Quality management in the development process shall be directed towards developing robust and reliable products which have the right functions for the customers and which can be produced with zero defects.

Quality management in production shall be directed towards zero-defect manufacture based on high process capability and full employee responsibility for their own work.

The suppliers’ quality assurance must be verified and approved before a purchase agreement is signed and must be regularly revised to achieve continuous improvements

In- and outsourced products and services must fulfil the same requirements as Grundfos’ own products and processes.

Market and individual company satisfaction with the Group’s products and services must be frequently monitored and documented, and unsatisfactory results must be promptly reacted to.

Certification of the quality management system must be obtained for all development and production companies.

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